System of orders


Technologically advanced packing devices coming from German, Italian and Swiss producers constitute modern and reliable machine park in Carina Silicones, which guarantees the highest quality of products that are produced. Thanks to these machines we can fulfil orders for packaging sealing caulks in cartridges, foils, cans and liquid adhesive in bottles in short time.
Trend towards modifying methods of application of sealants causes that new technical solutions on production lines are introduced unceasingly. As a result Carina Silicones introduced a line for packing adhesives and sealants into both aluminium and plastic tubes as well as air press system that is packing silicones into pressure containers. The air press system makes it possible to apply sealants without the use of a standard gun.

Our own printing line, which uses modern technical solutions, enables us to make colourful labels on the cartridges. Thanks to which, Carina Silicones is a flexible company able to fulfil diverse lots of orders in short time.

Facing clients’ demands, our factory was equipped with a high-quality line for colouring silicones. Thanks to it one of the widest colour spectrums in Europe was developed. Nowadays it is possible to produce silicones of each colour in Carina Silicones according to the Client’s needs.


To meet Client expectations, the plant has been provided with a high class line for pigmenting silicone. Thanks to this line, the widest range of colours has eveloped in Europe. Presently, silicone can be produced in any colour to suit Client requirements.


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