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About Firm

Carina Silicones is the largest producer in Central and Eastern Europe of silicones and sealants in packaging for final application.
We offer our clients a very wide choice of products from groups such as: silicones, acrylics, adhesives,
bituminous sealants and synthetic rubbers. Offered goods are destined for professionals as well as for a Do-It-Yourself sector.

We compound our products attaching importance to the highest quality of their packages as well as to their aesthetic appearance. Our co-operation with designing firms enables us to make labels of a given product of each stage presented by the Client.

With care of the Client in mind, Carina Silicones attaches considerable importance to highest quality of packaging for its products along with aesthetics. Cooperation with designing firms facilitates creating product labels from each stage presented by the Client.
Carina Silicones is a firm making products exclusively under Client’s trade mark, thus eliminating competition with trading partners.


 Carina Silicones Sp. z o.o., ul. Polna 14-18, 55-011 Siechnice, Gmina Święta Katarzyna, Powiat wrocławski, Polska, fel. +48 71 390 21 30, fax. +48 71 390 21 33, e-mail: biuro@carina.pl