System of orders

Carina Silicones is the largest producer in Central and Eastern Europe of silicones and sealants in packaging for final application.
We offer our clients a very wide choice of products from groups such as: silicones, acrylics, adhesives,
bituminous sealants and synthetic rubbers. Offered goods are destined for professionals as well as for a Do-It-Yourself sector.
We compound our products attaching importance to the highest quality of their packages as well as to their aesthetic appearance. Our co-operation with designing firms enables us to make labels of a given product of each stage presented by the Client.


The silicone remover CSM 008 is a novelty of our offer. It stands for the first such a universal product in Poland and probably in Europe as well.


Carina Silicones is the firm producing only goods under clients’ brands what excludes competition with trade partners.

 Carina Silicones Sp. z o.o., ul. Polna 14-18, 55-011 Siechnice, Gmina Święta Katarzyna, Powiat wrocławski, Polska, fel. +48 71 390 21 30, fax. +48 71 390 21 33, e-mail: biuro@carina.pl